8th Grade History Syllabus

Welcome to 8th Grade World History! This year we will study the time period from Prehistoric Man to 1500s. In this class we will cover early migrations, rise of civilizations, establishment of governments and religions, growth of economic systems, and the ways these events shaped Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Also, we will incorporate the strands of economics, geography, and political science.


Class Rules:


-All students are expected to follow the HBMS Rules of Conduct

-Be Respectful- to everyone and everything

-Be Prepared-with supplies and be prepared mentally to work.

-Be Accountable-of your own work and actions

-Do not leave your seat without permission

-Sharpen pencil at the beginning of class

-Cheating will not be tolerated- cheating will result in an immediate ‘zero’ on the assignment.



Pen or Pencil

3 ring binder with paper

1 pack of 5x8 note cards


Test Format:


Test will consist of multiple choice, matching, true or false, fill in the blank, and essay type questions. The number of each type of question will change with each test to accommodate different testing strengths. The students will know through review sessions which type of question will be on each test.




All assignments will be turned into the baskets on the desk right when you walk in the room in the basket that is labeled with the number of the period you are in. 




Notebooks will be checked regularly.  Students should have ANYTHING we did in class that was not asked to be turned in. Any of these items could be called for in a Notebook check.




If absent, it the STUDENT'S responsibility to get any make up work that was missed.   


Tentative Schedule


Week 1:

The First Civilizations

Weeks 2-3:

Ancient Egypt

Weeks 4-5:

The Ancient Israelites

Weeks 6-8:

The Ancient Greeks

Weeks 9-11:

Greek Civilization

Week 12:

Early India

Week 13:

Early China

Weeks 14-16:

The Rise of Rome

Weeks 17-19:

Roman Civilization

Weeks 20-21:

The Rise of Christianity

Weeks 22-23:

Islamic Civilization

Week 24:

China in the Middle Ages

Week 25:

Medieval Africa

Week 26:

Medieval Japan

Weeks 27-28:

Medieval Europe

Week 29:

The Renaissance and Reformation

Week 30:

The Americas


An exam will be given after each chapter.




ALL information in this syllabus and schedule is subject to change.