7th Grade Math Syllabus

7th Grade Math
Participation Grade-  each student starts with a 100 participation grade; if a student has an unexcused absence or does not participate in class that day they will lose 5 points each time
Homework-  grades given daily, the amount of points is determined by the amount of problems (usually 10-15 problems), graded on completion; if a student does not do the homework they will receive a zero but it can be completed and turned in for half credit if done completely
Quizzes-  usually two quizzes per chapter, graded on both completion and correctness; if a student does not complete a quiz it can be completed and turned in, they will receive half credit for completion but not correctness
Tests-  given at the end of each chapter, each question is 4-6 points each
Extra Tests-  after each chapter test there will be two tests assigned on the textbook website; a student can take each of these tests twice with the highest grade from each test counting (I will tell them the problems they missed the first time if they ask before taking it the second time); the test scores will be averaged in with the classroom test 
Projects/Activities-  worth 10-200 points

The students grade is determined by adding the total points they receive by the number of total points possible.
Make-Up Work-  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up work, do the work, and to turn in the work.  They can also check my website for the assignments.  Make-up work is recorded as a zero until it is made up; at that time they will receive full credit for what they turn in.  Students have 5 school days to turn in make-up work once they return to school.  After that they can still turn it in but will only receive half credit.
*A "math brain sheet" can be used on each test.  The students will use their notes, book, and homework to create the sheet the night before the test.  This sheet should be signed by the parents to show that the material was studied at home.  The sheet will then be used on the test and taken up after the test for extra points.  The brain sheet can still be used on the test even if it is not signed but the student will not receive extra points.  If a student is absent the day of the test they can make up the test but can not get extra points for a brain sheet unless the absence is excused.
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