100% of all Hokes Bluff Middle School teachers are certified.

HBMS is Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, a Division of AdvancED, as well as a Title I school.

The mission of HBMS is to shape our future, one student at a time.

Hokes Bluff Eagles Soar!

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Christmas Applications

The Hokes Bluff and Tawannah Lions Club will take applications for those residents in the Hokes Bluff School District for assistance this Christmas.

Applications and interviews must be completed at the Hokes Bluff Library on November 6, 7, 8 between the hours of 2 and 4 pm each day. There will be no make up days. Assistance will be provided in completing your application.

Bring the following with you: picture ID, Social Security cards for each family member including children, all current utility bills (power, gas, water, phone, tv, rent), proof of family income (salary, SSC, child support), a wish list for each child and clothing sizes.

DO NOT BRING CHILDREN and other family members unless you are handicapped and need assistance.

Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program

Student Device Policy:

Students shall not possess any digital device within the testing room when participating in ACAP testing. The possession of a digital device by students participating in ACAP testing is strictly prohibited during the administration of a test. The ONLY exception to this policy is for students who have been pre-approved by the Building Test Coordinator or the Principal to have a digital device that is necessary for the health and/or well­ being of the student.

If students are in possession of a digital device that is within their reach during the administration of an ACAP test, the device will be confiscated and, if the appropriate administrator determines that there is reasonable suspicion that the device was used to capture, record, or share test information or to facilitate cheating on the test, it may be subject to search pursuant to LEA policy for any information directly related to the ACAP test being administered. Additionally, the student will be dismissed from testing immediately and the test may be invalidated in accordance with ACAP policy.Violation(s) may result in disciplinary action by the LEA in accordance with the LEA's disciplinary policy.

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