DILLARD, AMY - Resource
Tips to Surviving Middle School

​Be Organized

Label all folders, binders, and class materials with the student's name.

Use a separate binder/folder for each class.

Put a pencil bag in each binder for pencils, pens, calculator, note cards, etc.

Keep student work in the correct binder or folder.


Set up your own study area with a light, comfortable seat, and writing surface...then use it to review study guides and notes for tests.

Read, Read, Read!

​Find something you like to read and spend at least 15 minutes every day reading.  It could be a magazine, book, newspaper, or anything else you enjoy!

Some of my recent reads include The Hunger Games and Divergent series.
Of course, I still enjoy the Twilight books, Hatchet, and The Outsiders.

Check the HBMS Website

Some teachers post homework assignments and projects so that you have access to class information at all times.