Who can be a member?
All students of HBMS who meet the criteria are eligible to run for Student Council.

President: 8th grade
Vice President: 7th grade
Secretary: 7th or 8th grade
Treasurer: 7th or 8th grade

All grades elect senators to represent them.

C average or better in each class
Excellent discipline record
References from 2 grade-level teachers

The guidelines are strict because members represent our school!

How do I run for office?
Officers and senators are elected each spring.  Sixth grade senators are elected each fall. 
 Pick up a Candidate Information Packet from Mrs. Dillard or Mrs. Clark or print one from this website.  Read this information carefully! 
Return it to Mrs. Dillard or Mrs. Clark with your parent's signature.
No late entries will be accepted!
Running Your Campaign
Candidates will pick up an Election Rules sheet from Mrs. Dillard or Mrs. Clark.

Candidates may hang posters (4 for officers and 2 for senators).  
Candidates may hand out fliers, but may not give out any candy or food.

Students running for officer positions will write an election speech to be recorded and shown on the school website.

All students are eligible to vote for officers as well as senators from their grade.  Results will be announced the afternoon of the election.